10-28-12 | Win-Win Entertainment | A Win-Win Proposition: An Inaugural Benefit Event

On October 28th at 2pm, Win-Win Entertainment brought together many talented performers from the Las Vegas strip for a spectacular launch event at The South Point Casino Showroom.  This was the first of what will be the annual event through which Win-Win will raise the funds to cover its operational costs and expenses, and ensure that its services can be offered to the charities it supports at absolutely no cost to them.  Please note: all entertainers working through Win-Win Entertainment donate their time and talent.  Operating costs = our insurance, our promotional materials, our equipment, etc.  With your support of this fundraiser, we are then in turn able to help many other charities with their fundraisers.  This way charities can focus on their vocations and do what they do best, leaving entertainment and special event programming up to us.

This launch event on October 28th provided the perfect opportunity to showcase to hosted non-profit organizations how Win-Win can significantly contribute to the success of their fundraising efforts by matching them with renowned talent and providing entertainment programming for their events.

Thank you for making Win-Win Entertainment’s launch a tremendous event!  Check out coverage of the inaugural benefit by The Pulse of Vegas Blog
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