Mission Statement: To match professional entertainers willing to donate time and talent with eligible, approved charities nationwide.

Vision Statement: To bolster Las Vegas community-based organizations through entertainment.

Concept: Win-Win Entertainment is a 501 c3 non-profit organization dedicated to connecting great causes with great entertainers…one show at a time. Organizations WIN by gaining access to professional event entertainment that provides uplifting experiences to members and supporters, and facilitates fundraising. Performers WIN by gaining the opportunity to experience the fulfillment of giving back to the community. Corporate sponsors WIN by participating in a positive advertising platform and receiving a boost in community good will. At Win-Win Entertainment, we believe in the inherent generosity of the human spirit. We believe people have the desire to give back if presented with the opportunity to do so. We exist to connect good causes that need something with good people willing to do something.

Inspiration: Founder and professional entertainer Jeff Civillico performed his first-ever live solo shows at the age of 14 for Don Guanella Village, a home for developmentally disabled boys and men. This series of shows took place as part of a self-structured service project his freshman year at St. Joseph’s Prep high school in Philadelphia. Jeff found these shows to be extremely fulfilling experiences and continues to make regular charity appearances today. The gratitude shown by recipients of these performances – audience and staff alike – is powerful.

Over the years, Jeff has met countless entertainers who share his love for charity work, and has long-desired to create an organization that connects them with causes in need. Jeff envisioned a system where he could match these two groups. Through the creation of an automated web platform, and the dedication of entertainers and volunteers, the concept of Win-Win Entertainment was born!